The American Association of University Professors is a national organization of scholars and professional educators who speak for the profession, gather strength from each other and lead the profession in matters of citizenship, discovery, and service.  We are the conscience of the profession.

AAUP chapters are not the Red Cross or a crisis management organization.  The AAUP promotes dialogue between the professorate and administration.  We work to influence University policy and promote shared governance. Because we are not part of the University’s governance structure, our chapter can offer advice and recommendations to the administration on behalf of all faculty.  We offer a larger perspective that seeks to serve the greater good.


AAUP at Wilkes

  • For all Faculty: To help make Wilkes a healthy, fair, and ethical workplace for every faculty member, not just those who are AAUP members. There are inequalities in workload and tenure requirements, the evaluation process, and non-tenured faculty issues that our chapter will be instrumental in identifying and changing.  We have a wealth of history and information on these topics from the national AAUP office.  At the national level AAUP often investigates and publicizes administrative missteps and abuses of faculty, such as last year’s issues at Marywood University.
  • For the administration: To send a clear, consistent message to our administration and greater community about our Faculty’s expertise, work with students, and professionalism, and the need for fair and equitable treatment of both full and part time faculty and staff.

President: Dr. Philip Simon, Performing Arts

Immediate Past President: Dr. Mischelle Anthony, English

Secretary: Dr. Morgan Clevenger, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Studies, & Marketing

Treasurer: Dr. Helen Davis, English

Member-At-Large: Dr. Jennifer Thomas, Psychology

View our Chapter By-Laws

In the past five years, we have

  • Led, with State Assembly help, a successful campaign to have 2011-2012 Faculty contracts fulfilled. Contracted money was fully recovered in Fall 2012.
  • Led Faculty in blocking a proposed faculty line (full-time, non-tenure track) with no protections or limits. (Both are in place for this position in the current Handbook);
  • Published a regular newsletter;
  • Conducted and reported on a faculty workload survey;
  • Led the initiative to request an ombuds position for our campus, for the fair treatment for faculty and staff;
  • Sponsored campus welcome events for our new deans and provost;
  • Partnered with Faculty Affairs Council to revise the annual faculty evaluation process;
  • Conducted monthly meetings where faculty, whether members or not, can provide input and discuss issues of mutual importance;
  • Were instrumental in forming the Northeastern Pennsylvania AAUP Alliance with Kings College, Marywood University, Misericordia University, University of Scranton, Keystone College, and Lackawanna College campuses; and
  • Advocated behind the scenes for individual faculty members.





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